I am Alec Newman, high school student.  My father is a software engineer, so naturally I’ve grown up with a strong orientation in computers.  I’ve begun learning more and more, and occasionally I’ve had something to say, so I thought I’d say it.

My main interests include programming, linguistics, writing, and game design.  This blog is mostly about my learning programming, but I might mention other interesting concepts.

I first learnt C, shortly followed by C++, and from there most of what I know I’ve taught myself.  I’ve learned Python, Java, Scheme, Ruby, PHP, D, JavaScript, Haskell, et al.  My favorite language is certainly Haskell, a truly eye-opening experience.  I’m particularly interested in functional and game programming, and especially mixing both.  I’ve had the most experience as a web developer, however.

I hope to be an entrepreneur in an independent game company with a few of my friends.  I expect to be a programmer, game designer, and CEO, but among my friends, I’m the only real programmer, so I guess I know what I’ll really be doing.

My hope is this blog will allow me to share my learning experience with other programmers and accelerate my own discovery in the process.


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